Thursday, August 24, 2006

love the human form divine

Sarah and I were with all the kids the other afternoon chomping on Ben and Jerry's across from Vanderbilt. Peter and Sam were jumping up and down and waving at people as they boarded a parking lot escalator made visible through a window (across the street from what was once Guido' an oyster bar).
One big friendly old guy walked by us twice and smiled at the kids. The third time he went ahead and told us the boys were beautiful (in a completely friendly, smiling, in-no-way-weird kind of way) and he marveled at the bright blueness of Peter Berrigan's eyes. As he walked away he shouted, "Those eyes could make the sky jealous!"
Sarah beamed over that one. I told a few of my classes about it (file under "Everyday is poetry"). Sarah just told me we should throw it down on the blog.
She sits a few feet away in a green chair in the final stretch of Middlemarch. I type and listen to the air conditioner.
Thanks for listening, Gentle Reader.

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Rainbow dreams said...

What a wonderful expression ~ if eyes are indeed the mirror of the soul he caught a glimpse of something incredibly special