Saturday, February 03, 2007

Gospel with Something to Offend Everyone smiling man is one Will Campbell (sometimes you're better off googling "Will D. Campbell"). And I suppose I have him in my mind as much or more than almost anyone else whenever I use a words like Church, gospel, or reconciliation. If my whole literary legacy was nothing more than popularizing him and spreading the good word of his existence, I think I will have done rather well. He's finally on Wikipedia. He's sitting (I'm guessing) in Mt. Juliet, TN right now. I feel better just thinking about him. His endorsement on the back of GATA was a high point of my life thus far. He is/was tight with MLK, Kris Kristofferson, Daniel Berrigan, Jimmy Carter, Waylon Jennings, Thomas Merton, AND Tom T. Hall. And I'm talking about him with whoever shows up at Borders on West End on Thursday night at 7:00 (reception following at Vanderbilt's Interfaith Council). I left a message on his phone to see if he'd be willing to be brought out for it (in which case, it'll be me asking him questions and him telling amazing stories), but I'm guessing that isn't going to happen. Anyway, come out if you're in the area. Either way, get busy with the google and do some intelligence gathering. That "Objectionable Subject Matter" link to the right is mostly about Will.


John Plummer said...

Hi David - Sorry I couldn't stick around to chat after your presentation last night. I enjoyed it very much and will have to check out your books!

jdaviddark said...

John - No problem. And I'm very pleased to have had a long look at your blog. This emergent bizness feels more interesting all the time and whene'er I no longer have high schoolers to teach on Friday, i'll be purposing to drop in on the Flying Saucer hoedown.
Tanks again for coming round and speaking up.

The Haberdasher said...

Congrats on being accepted into that phd program at Vanderbilt Dave, that rocks the casbah. Forget what the sharif thinks, three cheers are in order I'm sure.

Cheers! Cheers! Cheers!