Saturday, November 18, 2006

Revelatory Shuffle

Laurie Anderson's "Ugly One With The Jewels" followed by Tom Waits "Chocolate Jesus" and some "Playboy Mansion" (U2) and some Tom Tom Club and then Rich Mullins asking Jesus to make him part of his story.
In short, the I-pod shuffle function is teaching me how to listen...How to let the music speak to my context...Letting the connections come....Letting the music bear witness...Appropriately freaked out and ministered unto. This is how the work gets done.
Wanted to share,


geoff said...

glad to find you blogging...and a treat to see all those greenbelters listed in your links. your writing has been a great encouragement and inspiration to several of us in our community - thanks (and, more please!).

and as for the shuffle lessons..i have some audio bible (mostly prophets and NT) mixed in with my U2, johnny cash, radiohead, et al tunes and some combinations of scripture and song have stopped me in my tracks. holy (wholly) unexpected moments that have unbalanced me in all the right ways.

peace to you and yours...

Anonymous said...

Dearest Darks -

I thought of you when I heard NPR doing a Tom Waits story on tonight's edition of "All Things Considered"... You can listen to it here Tom Waits story.

By the way, if you guys are going to be in the Royal Joke over Christmas/Thanksgiving, we'd love to do a play date in the park with you guys... We can bundle our kiddies up.

- Denna

Anonymous said...

Back at you, brother. Gotta keep ridin' the razor's edge with grace and gratitude.

Flibbityflu said...

I keep some "how to speak french" cds in my itunes library,and it seems even when they make an unexpected shuffle appearance, there's not much prophetic about 'em.

I still don't know what the hell they're saying.

Hope you had a great turkey day!

Jude said...

Ahhh... the prophesy of shuffle. I've long been a fan of it's perceptiveness.

I also just like it when I get a segue from Grant Lee Phillips into Take That. Makes me smile.


jdaviddark said...

howdy friends.
geoff, i'm having a grand old time with the ashram blog. hurray for unbalancings.
denna, we'll certainly be around christmastime and a meeting-up would be just the thing.
sir morehead, respect.
flibbityflu, i don't know what to tell you in discerning a prophetic word with the interruptiones francaises. i have indeed stacked the i-pod decks with little envelopes of light to most likely serve an apocalyptic purpose. goodbye babylon boxed set and all that. do you know we'd be way happy if you'd just plain drop by some afternoon? our front yard could even host a child or two.
and oh how we want thee here. grrrrr.
i like this blog comes everybody.

M. Leary said...

Only somewhat related to this is the awesome article by Andy Crouch on mash-ups:

Well worth the read.

And for your listening pleasure is what may be the greatest mash of all times Joy Division meets Missy Elliot:

Yeah, yeah, a bit off topic, but unbalanced enough to be of interest. Or just consider this comment to be a mash-up of your blog post.

Anonymous said...
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samantha said...

look who i found!

Anonymous said...

something that happened this evening reminded me of this post. ian was jigging ana around on his knee and singing the william tell overture and we both began to notice that it was morphing into the can-can.... sing them and see! a delightful segueway...