Sunday, December 03, 2006

Kingdom Coming

I just liked the idea of having this one up there.


nardcore said...


Anonymous said...

As many times as i'd been to disney land, I'd never seen that ride - where'd you find that pic?

m. leary said...

Down and out in the Kingdom. It's all about advent, baby!

jdaviddark said...

Found the link over at boingboing (never a dull moment round there) alongside all kinds of weird deliciousness. It looks to me like a thing or two's been photoshopped in there, but, if not, what a wonderful world after all ("Pluto, meet spaceman. Spaceman, meet pretty pretty princess. Make room everyone.") All about the advent. Yessir. By the way, M. Leary, i've gotten all caught up on my william gibson since the time you recommended _pattern recognition_ from the backseat on the way to _School of Rock_. Come to think of it, Gibson's how I got hip to boingboing.
Glad to be associated with you people.

Flibbityflu said...

the aliens and pluto triggered a thought I have discussed before that "Dippin' Dots" can no longer be the "Ice Cream of the Future," but should be called the "Ice Cream of the 90's."

M. Leary said...

I just wanted to draw your attention to the fact that Bela Tarr's epic "Satantango" (that never, ever gets screened anywhere), is showing soon at the Belcourt. It is a stupendous event, Tarr's "Werckmeister Harmonies" apparently a mere sample of "Satantango." That is saying alot.

If I lived in the States, I would have travelled to see it.

Here is the article:
Here is the listing:

Anonymous said...

I heard echos in a "mad man's rant."
street prophet

Anonymous said...

Yo Ho, Yo Ho, I found a website dedicated to discontinued Disneyland rides - checkit - flying saucers

jdaviddark said...

you speak faithfully concerning the dippin' dots bizness. i once heard it said of the future...let's did the buddhist put it?...oh yes: "baby, it is murder." it also looks to be the place we're going to spending the rest of our lives. incidentally, the high schoolers' exams begin on wednesday, and i'd be very pleased to get a little time with you (what with my slightly freer days and all) before we go to detroit next week. do you have a moment/ i'm thedarks1 at
you make me feel so uncool by bringing up the satantango issue. pretty much everyone in my family was sick the days it was shown, so we couldn't quite pull it off (people being quarantined and all). knowing you'd darn well've made the trek made me feel all the uncooler. dangit.
and thank you, kevin, for the link. perhaps the messiah will order the reconstruction of all the old cool stuff. i'd like to think so.
"word up" is reportedly the code word.