Sunday, April 29, 2007

Call It Acting

Here we have Divine Sarah (a.k.a. Sarah Bernhardt), and a little piece in the New York Review of Books has us very pleased with her. To the right is her Hamlet. Here she is on acting:
"I love, I adore my profession. I serve it constantly. I never stop acting. I've always acted—always and everywhere, in all sorts of places, at every instant—always, always. I am my own double. I act in restaurants when I ask for more bread. I act when I ask Julia Bartet's husband how his wife is feeling. Blessed work that fills me with drunken joy and peace, how much I owe to you!


Darlin' Joy said...

Hi David and Sarah! This is Joy, Uncle John's youngest daughter. I just found your blog, and I thought I'd drop a line. Jessie, Jill's first daughter, had her piano debut this past weekend. You can watch a video of it on Jill's new blog...

jdaviddark said...

oh my goodness. how incredibly good to hear from you. thank you thank you thank you for writing and i'll start checking out that there blog scene. affectionate yo's to everyone.