Friday, May 04, 2007


Catching the Big Fish is David Lynch's book on Transcendental Meditation, creativity, staying sane, and many a snippet on being aware of what's going on in yor head. Quite a treasure for someone (like me) who thinks about Lynch all the time. So thankful for him. Here's Lynch on Eraserhead:

Eraserhead is my most spiritual movie. No one understands when I say that, but it is.

Eraserhead was growing in a certain way, and I didn't know what it meant. I was looking for a key to unlock what these sequences were saying. Of course, I understood some of it; but I didn't know the thing that just pulled it all together. And it was a struggle. So I got out my Bible and I started reading. And one day, I read a sentence. And I closed the Bible, because that was it. And then I saw the thing as a whole. And it fulfilled this vision for me, 100 percent.

I don't think I'll ever say what that sentence was.


Dan Morehead said...

I tend to watch films either a) as they come out and strike my fancy or b) by picking some some random thread (e.g. director, theme, etc.--for example, I just watched Olivier's Hamlet and Kurosawa's Throne of Blood together). Anyway, maybe I'll have to move Lynch nearer the top of my list. Thanks for the post.

ewan said...

trying to think of a passage that mentions regular chickens...

jdaviddark said...

if i had a gun to my head and i HAD to guess...i'm guessing ezekiel 16:6.
always happy to thinking of you, ewan.
and dan, i sure hope i get to watch a movie with you someday. that bit in throne of blood with the witch/ghost dude would've been especially fun to receive in your company i think.

new day on way,

jeffrey said...

yes yes...i knew it! he changed my life last much i had to buy a tshirt with his face on it...hahaha. hope to meet you one day mr. dark:)

jdaviddark said...

thanks jeffrey.
ain't no need never (that i can foresee) for you to call me "mr. dark."

Anonymous said...

HOORAY!!!hi david:) i got your list of fav sounding albums..many thanks!
heres my rough top 5: talk-laughing stock
2.tom petty-wildflowers
3.francis albert sinatra & antonio carlos jobim
4.beach boys-pet sounds
5.harrod & funck

jeffrey said...

oops! i goofed and hit anonymous..that was my comment above:)

blue velvet haunts me!..and for some reason reminds me of a ying/yang symbol...

i hope to pick up eraserhead for my bday tomorrow!