Friday, September 21, 2007

Making Believe

The fine folks at Paste (Signs of Life or Just the Power to Charm?) put up my review of Emmylou's boxed set. I was very pleased with it (the collection and the opportunity to put the words down). Sorry to say I'm still having trouble with the linkage, but it's immediately down to your right a little bit (under the attractive Amazon portals). I call it "Making Believe."
Hope everybody out there's having a pleasant weekend.


mike said...

i like how she described the album on NPR. not greatest hits, just stuff that has gotten left out.

so much good art "just gets left out"

Andrew said...

That's funny! I just picked up that issue of Paste and (as a part-time Emmylou fan) thought the review was really interesting. I didn't even think to check who wrote it.

The moral of the story? Read the little author boxes at the bottom of the screen--you might just recognize someone you know. Nice job.