Wednesday, September 26, 2007

on their side

We're following this one in hope and prayer and (I want to say) a sense of solidarity. But as soon as the words are out I feel very much like a mere armchair theoretician of nonviolence. Color me moved and (to whatever extent I can manage it) mindful. And may we all be ennobled by their way, not unrelated to Jesus' way, of warring on terror.


mister tumnus said...

ana and me have just this minute finished listening to 'redemption songs' by the other sir bob. none of them can stop the time. thanks for this. please keep singing. xx

Steve said...


Darren said...

Hi David - I thought you might be interested in this documentary about Christianity and pacifism created by a good friend of mine. You can find it at:

He's currently out of town and thus not shipping DVD orders, but if you're interested in seeing it, I could probably arrange something with him.