Friday, August 01, 2008


I've been reading Daniel Berrigan's commentary on the Wisdom of Solomon. So incredibly good. Whenever I read Berrigan, I get to wondering why I don't read him constantly. SO few people my age seem to give him any time, but I think he'll be remembered as a sort of William Blake-figure for our times. A sampling:
The Gift of Wisdom is not psychological acuity: it is the discerning skill of a heart open to all weathers, making all weathers from torrid to icy, one…The Gift ennables us to comport ourselves as humans—and this against the odds of an inhuman time...It would seem that the church is called to this momentous task: to hold close in Spirit, in honor and unity (and in face of cultural disintegration and incoherence), all that is worthy, all that is encompassed by the noble term human.


Stephen said...
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Kevin Davis said...

I'll have to check into him - it's not that I haven't given hime the time, I'm not even familiar with him.

jdaviddark said...

Nice to hear from you, Kevin.
I'd be very pleased to discover that my blog led even one person to check into DB. Ever faithful to the unsettling witness of Jesus, there is a little something in Berrigan to offend us all. I was glad to note a Eugene Peterson endorsement on the back of his latest book. Perhaps there's a trend on the way.

jeffrey said...

whats that line?: a goat is a goat. a human being is a goat trying to be a goat.

hotline & harmony,

capnwatsisname said...

Make it two. Thanks for the lead.

Holy Moly! said...

Yes! Berrigan! Was introduced to the guy in college, but so great to be reminded!