Thursday, August 28, 2008

Binding and Loosing

This would be my last go at significant emendation before the thing goes off to possible endorsers. If anyone can think of something clever or helpful you've heard me say in a "That oughtta be in your book" kind of way. Lemme know.
The Greenbelt Festival was wondrous. One can download a large percentage of the coolness, including my talks, here:
Here's me all sweaty and talkative with Steve Lawson:
And here's Ewan Gibson delivering, as he always does, the goods:
Two of the children are about to arrive on a bus. Must go. Still mean to say a word on Steve Martin soon.


marc.herring said...

I cannot wait to hold a copy of this.

mister tumnus said...

'insert soul here'. that's what i remember from your talk. as well as 'if there was a problem yo i'd solve it'. i had that album y'know.

John W. Morehead said...

David, I heard from someone associated with Mountain Springs Community Church in Salt Lake City that you said hello, and that you are a lurker for my blog Morehead's Musings. We have not touched bases since Cornerstone Festival a few years ago, but it is good to hear from you, even indirectly.

mikeyracheybecky said...

So me and my sis and others are starting a book club and are we are - and will be until provided with some legit feedback - at a loss as to which books we should read. Any suggestions?

Bethany Patchin said...

"I smashed my circular records." in the context of JoC(k?). But that one might only work with wine in the system.

The Diarist said...

this gem from a late-night greenbelt (maybe '97 or '97?) conversation during which we heard that summer's smash hit "breakfast at tiffany's" for the 4875th time:

cary: "i can't believe so many people actually like this song"

dave (after some quiet reflection): "i think it's safe to say that those people are going to hell"

Eric said...

Hey David! My good friend Robin Giberson Lawrenz pointed me in the direction of your blog and told me that she's famous and you'd remember her.

One of the issues I've come across over and over in conversations about the apocalyptic character of certain art has to do with the qualification you seem to make that not all art is apocalyptic. Would you venture to make a distinction between art that falls into the apocalyptic genre and art that bears "applicability" but is not quite up to snuff enough (rhyme!) to bear the more significant label?

Anonymous said...

love this from your previous post;
Memory believes before knowing remembers...

sorry i didn't get to talk with you more - even bought another copy of your book...

shirley is right...lets insert soul - hope all is well on your return and you guys are watching over our jude...

was good to catch you again, even if briefly

Brook said...

"I suspect there's something a little demonic in finding others boring or unworthy of our interest."

Loved that one, and I believe it's the only one attributed to you on my blog post of "David Quotes" that was not from one of your books, but rather taken from an interview.

Charlene said...

"Please invade my personal space."

jdaviddark said...

Could you tell me when this was said? I have a dim recollection (a classroom?), and I believe it was a wonderfully funny moment.
Nice one. I think I'll to work that one in.
Not getting to talk beyond our tiny little moments was one of my GB regrets. Any chance of you finding yourself in Nashville sometime?
One doesn't meet someone as famous as Robin and forget all about it. Please extend my fanlike greeting. I'll try to say something about applicabibilityishness in a future post. I'm quite happy to level the word apocalyptic at any instance of artfulness or truth-telling that disturbs or enlivens or invigorates in the direction of further aliveness, further holding everything dear, an ethical summons to kinder imaginings and all that.
the diarist,
i laugh even as i wince a little at the meanness. i say "good shot" unto my former self and say now that such people might require exorcism.
bethany patchin,
i know what you mean. i'll be on the lookout for more contexts.
_franny & zooey_ OR cormac mccathy's _the road_
john w. morehead,
good to hear from you too. i've been an enthusiast of yours ever since that c-stone. i should be jumping i on your blog at some point. respet and affection unto you.
mister tumnus,
already in there, i'm pleased to say. you having had that albums only deepens my commitment to champion your weirdness.
your blog rocks and i'd sure like to see you visiting our locale sometime.


M. Leary said...
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M. Leary said...

Nice DD, I am looking forward to seeing the influence higher education has had on your head/brain. Any wisdom on Dr. Who in there?

Anonymous said...


here's my email, would love to catch up....and yes, i will be in nashville next year!!!!


Anonymous said...

well, if i'd bloody given you my email!!! Doh!

rachbeck said...


so we created a blog for our book club and thought you'd appreciate it.

rachel and becky

DoryDark said...

Congratulations on your new book. I just started blogging again and I love you. Good night.

DoryDark said...

I really love you daddy.

Anonymous said...

Do you question God and His Word?
Do you think it 'sacred' to feel that you have a question to what is already decreed? Are we not to surrender to what God has already done about sin, death and the grave? Is there not a supreme answer to everything that a christian can only surrender to?