Monday, October 06, 2008

"Angry barrage of insults"

Notice the pained look on his face when a man cries out the answer many within his campaign appear to be to be working toward. I wish he'd taken the opportunity to say, "That's not what we're about." It would have been an inspiring leadership moment. I feel for him if he thinks such leadership is something he can no longer afford.


Thomas McKenzie said...

I can't understand what the crowd is saying.

Karen Luttrell said...

Yes, Obama supporters only say nice things about the GOP and stick to the issues....

jdaviddark said...

Good to hear from you, Thomas.
The word I discern (followed by laughter) in response to his question is "Terrorist!"

jdaviddark said...


I'm not sure what you're responding to. Thanks, in any case, for your attentiveness. Peace.

Karen Luttrell said...

Your last two posts are suggestions that some, if not many, supporters of McCain are ignorant and racist. Are you not aware of your bias? You only seem to highlight the fanatic fringes, especially those on the right. Are we to assume that you are just an observer with no political motives in your posts? You're indicting the McCain campaign based on a few garbled yelps from the crowd. My link was a story about an Obama supporter who spews hate speech. Both sides do. It's not right, nor should we condone it. Thankfully, Ms. Bernhard lost work over it. But don't pretend that the mudslinging is some how lopsided. After living in the DC area for 6 years, it's hard to avoid getting caught in the crossfire. If you desire for people to be more open minded and prayerful, perhaps putting examples of intolerance from both camps would better prove your point. If you would rather people ignore what associations, if any, Obama has to William Ayers and embrace his message, just come out and say it.

jdaviddark said...

As I intended them, the "Call to Prayer" post was a call to prayer and the "Angry barrage of insults" post was a means of commending McCain for his pained look (a sign of virtue, I believe, which distinguishes him from certain methods at work within the campaign that bears his name). I really do like him. And my stated wish was really that: a wish. I'd like to think that critically engaging the more hateful expressions at work within one's campaign (Obama or McCain) would only improve their chances. I'm not sure this is true.
Neither post was intended as a suggestion, but I understand how they might function that way.
"Are you not aware of your bias?"
I wouldn't claim to be aware of all the biases that possess me, but I do know they're there. They make me a little crazy sometimes. All I know to do with them is pray and meditate and ask open-ended questions.
"Are we to assume that you are just an observer with no political motives in your posts?"
Definitely no.
"If you would rather people ignore what associations, if any, Obama has to William Ayers and embrace his message, just come out and say it."
I don't want anybody to ignore any associations. I want everybody to redemptively examine them.
I confess I'm largely untroubled by the purported link (if we want to call it a link) between Ayers and Obama.
"If you desire for people to be more open minded and prayerful, perhaps putting examples of intolerance from both camps would better prove your point."
Please feel free to post links among the comments. I'll take them to be friendly. To whatever limited extent i can know my own heart, I believe I can say that I don't have a point to prove (with pictures, poems, or videos). My blog is a little more informal than it would be if I meant to advertise it as a No Spin or bias-free Zone. I just post things that come to mind and my mind is lately taken up in lots of matters. I really want McCain to be the man I've often admired. I want Obama's wailing wall prayer to be answered. I really want my friends and relatives to be able to discuss the campaign without becoming angry. And (wait for it) I really want Obama to win.
If I ever post something that strikes you as irresponsible or hateful or slanderous, please never hesitate to e-mail me (perhaps in a "Matthew 18 principle" kind of way) at david dot dark at vanderbilt dot edu.
And thanks again for reading and responding to this stuff. I post these things in the desperate hope that someone will come back with a question or a comment. I remain pleased to respond to yours.


Anonymous said...

oh dear-Obama just said we will have to kill bin Laden, moments after McCain asserted his presidential aim was to bring home our soldiers with victory and honor.

i feel sad. the blur between debate spin hypester mechanism brain-fondling and what either man might really espouse as change is vertigo.

"i hate to even go into this," ) to quote McCain, but i kept hoping they'd talk about millennium development goals, maybe even ideas about how our nation might take some responsibility for the global economic nosedive we've induced.

jdaviddark said...

i'm with you, anonymous.
sarah and i cringed at that moment and were pleased to note that dorothy had fallen asleep.

benjamin said...

Mr. Dark (if I may call you that for this comment), I wish that I could take your class again, now that I find myself burdened with the thoughts this presidential election has brought about. Bush was elected president when I was in your class, and I don't even remember it. I don't think I cared very much.

Hindsight is 20/20.

I would love to have a class discussion about where the reach of government ends and God's begins (not to say that His reach ends at all).

true love waits,

Kevin Barbieux said...

We seem to have lost the "too-far" ethical barrier that americans use to pride themselves on.

Now it seems most people are willing to cause wreck and ruin just to get their way.

My first reaction (and second and third) is to hide.

Rachel said...

I am increasingly saddened and wearied by this whole election process (it's the first full one I've seen from this side of the pond)

With the inability to vote as a non-citizen, I find myself turning to prayer...both for the potential leaders and those who have decisions to make where their seems so much confusion and fear. When I feel the "how on earth can you..." comment rising up I remind myself to pray for our leaders (and I take the liberty of thinking that may be just as appropriate for potential leaders) - oh for leaders (in whatever country you are a citizen of :-) !!) who esteem truth and justice above rhetoric!

[ i s r a e l ] said...

Mr. David Dark -

I saw that as it happened, as well, and I've decided I really just might like McCain's heart.

I don't know if you've seen this nifty tool, but I like the issue-related information it provides, with references. Copy / paste:

Turns out I may be neither Democrat nor Republican as far as "the issues" are concerned.

Wouldn't it be something if enough people who were fond of neither McCain nor Obama so much, refused to vote for either simply because they are the popular choices picked to run for the popular political parties of our time?

And, as far as the war-like conversations with friends and family, I feel your pain. I hope I still have some of both come November 5th.

I hope all is well with you and your family.