Saturday, November 18, 2006

Revelatory Shuffle

Laurie Anderson's "Ugly One With The Jewels" followed by Tom Waits "Chocolate Jesus" and some "Playboy Mansion" (U2) and some Tom Tom Club and then Rich Mullins asking Jesus to make him part of his story.
In short, the I-pod shuffle function is teaching me how to listen...How to let the music speak to my context...Letting the connections come....Letting the music bear witness...Appropriately freaked out and ministered unto. This is how the work gets done.
Wanted to share,

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Worthy of Meditation

A rather fantastic image of the 20th century's Dorothy Day (Thank you Wood's Lot).

In that day Israel will be the third with Egypt and Assyria,
A blessing in the midst of the earth,
Whom the Lord of hosts has blessed, saying,
"Blessed be Egypt my people,
And Assyria the work of my hands,
And Israel my heritage."
Isaiah 19.24-25

Our Dorothy Day is snoring in a nearby room.
Peter Berrigan watched a squirrel munching on an old jack-o-lanterned pumpkin recently when he started laughing and drooling (Peter, not the squirrel).
Sam's Boston accent (it seems) is not diminishing.
Sarah sang songs for some people at a goofy little kickbutt gathering last night in a not-up-to codes corner of a church building. I feel like I'm beginning to understand what songs are for.
Graham Ward says: "We dont grasp the truth without being grasped by what is true."
Northrop Frye says poetry is "an authority which emancipates instead of subordinating the person who accepts it."
Thanks for paying heed. I'm excited over this (my first successfully transmitted internet image).
We are a beginning.