Friday, December 28, 2007

Old Country, Where Art Thou?

I don't really know where to begin. It expands the sphere of sanity if we let it. And I worry (ever since Todd Greene put it this way in conversation) that the haste with which viewers and reviewers and organizations praise it might mean that we have yet to receive the wisdom of its vision. Are we thinking through the Why's and the How's of Sheriff Ed Tom Bell's wise posture? Do we sense the power and the glory of his unsuccess? Will we let the film bear witness to what's going on?
I have a lot of Buddhism, James Lawson, Radiohead, _The Road_, Bulb's _Digital_, deconstruction, and Mu Wing to blog about, but I also have a book to finish. The kids are a delight. Sarah's music is making its way into many a mailbox (and she's amped over all the orders). Biking to Vanderbilt, partaking of its library, and having excellent conversation with students and faculty is a whole lot of fun.My sister, Elizabeth, is blogging beautifully. And thanks to Luther Blissett's _Q_, I'm going nuts for the Anabaptists again.
I suppose this is me saying, "More to come..." before the year ends.
I hope everyone's Christman has been weird and spacious an redemptive and inspiring.

Stand by the jams,