Thursday, October 30, 2008

Letting The Days Go By

I think I was 14 when I first saw this on MTV. At the time, it struck me as about the coolest thing I'd ever seen; funny and profound and moving in ways I could feel without being able to articulate exactly what I felt. Still feeling it.
Got to meet David Byrne a few weeks ago when he showed up at Grimey's, and he struck me as a kind, curious man with the vitality of someone who really believes that time is neither holding us nor is it after us. Very generous and attentive. Made me feel cool when he laughed loudly at something I said.
This feels like a good performance to post in view of the days ahead in the land of my sojourn. I dedicate it to my friend, Porkpie.


benjamin said...

i've always liked kermit's version the best: same as it ever was

mister tumnus said...

there is a local radio show that i really wish you could get (and which i once sent one of sarah's cds to). it has been playing this tune regularly for a while now. i had assumed it was quite a recent track. great stuff!

Cameron Conant said...

I feel the exact same thing about this song. There's something extraordinary about it. Almost genius. So glad to hear that he was delightful in person, too.


Derek said...

I think "Stop Making Sense", which I saw in a packed theatre when I was 18, is the best of concert films - their's is an intelligent energetic, energizing response to the world that is deeply encouraging...

Following the lively entries and responses on the blog avidly but am moving neighborhood with v. limited access to the internet...and limited time to respond...

God bless,

... said...

...same as it ever was...

my gift to you:

Salt truck, salt truck, clear my path
All my dreams have frozen fast
I want roads that I can drive on
I want a love I can rely on

Salt truck, salt truck, it's a shame
Driving in the freezing rain
I want roads that I can drive on
I want a man I can rely on

Salt truck, salt truck

Salt truck, salt truck, afterhours
Spinning in the snowflake showers
I want roads that I can drive on
I want a friend I can rely on

Salt truck, salt truck, mean black eyes
Swerving as I'm very nice
I want roads that I can drive on
I want a love I can rely on

Salt truck, salt truck
Salt truck
Salt truck

-Eleni Mandell

Ferguson said...

I'm only 21, and Talking Heads still are one of the coolest/greatest acts in my opinion. I don't doubt that my age has little to do with how great this band is, but its exceptionally cool to see and to listen to their effect on popular music retroactively.

Unknown said...

i'll be at his show in philly next geeked! he kinda looks like lynch in this video..well maybe its just the outfit

strange overtones,

Annabanana said...

So jealous-my brother's at Byrne's Halloween gig in Boston. Sigh.

Time is a pony ride.

smallerdemon said...

I actually was not familiar with this song until Down And Out In Beverly Hills was released and I was working at the Plaza Theater. And we played this movie FOREVER and so I became very familiar with this song. I suspect that this (among others) was what ultimately shaped my into having better taste in music after living in Nashville (that and Ray, who had great taste in music).