Monday, January 26, 2009

"Superman exists. And he's American."


mjaneb said...

A) That looks great.
B) I'm diggin the Space Race reference.
Hard to imagine the world without him.

ohchicken said...

he wears some fantastic panties. that's all i gots to say.

J. Andrew Camp said...

This might be the greatest movie teaser I have ever seen. I have been out of the viral campaigning for Watchmen, so far, and this makes me sad to say so.

"Better blue than red ..."

way said...

hey, mr. dark. it's will rucker. i'm sure you remember me. i found a link to your blog on my brother's blog. i am really looking forward to this movie coming out. i just need to read the graphic novel. some of my friends have read it and say it's pretty amazing.

hope all is well with you.

Dixon said...

This kind of marketing is SO perfect!

I'm pretty geeked out over the film, I hope the changes they made don't detract from it.

I'm also still conflicted in my desire for a Rorschach action figure;)

Can't wait to talk about this.