Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Watch and Learn

Color me chastened.
Be inspired.


Unknown said...

how did we ever live without the internet to bring us these untold wonders?

jeffrey dressler said...

electric blue. we need more of this. save the children.

J. Andrew Camp said...

ha HA. excellent ... to say the least.

jdaviddark said...

i receive y'all's good words. AND i want to make sure my own affirmation of this moment in the work of p. smith is rightly articulated.
cary gibson (aka "loser baby," "little bird," or "left of narnia) says "let's trade in the currency of being uncool." something akin to this is what smith brings to the screen. a blessed relaxation, a determined hopefulness, a rigorous sense of ease that redeems the scene. i feel chastened by the footage, because i feel i'm often too wound-up to discern this sort of thing, and she brings it like she always has and does. if i can say it, it's what (it seems to me) sarah brings too...whenever she talks, sings, stands around, or just stares. anyway, i'm off to watch it again. thanks for tuning in.

white snow red said... I was really interested in your thoughts on this. I was looking at this or Calvin's ( I was at Messiah's Faith and Culture Conference when you spoke and Tweedy played).