Saturday, April 04, 2009

Calm (down) Sunday

Sarah Here.
Just noticed while Jesus weeps for J-town he wails, "if you only recognized what makes for peace". And wanting to get in line with this "Some of all people...". Happy Palm Sunday everyone. "Save us".

Word has arrived that
peace will brim up, will come
"like a river and the a flowing stream."
Some of all people will
wondering wait
until this very stone

-Margaret Avison


Unknown said...

i wish to respond in the affirmative. thank you for sharing.

jdaviddark said...

Thanks Nard. If you are around, prepare for some Sam tomorrow.

Variations On A Theme said...

Beautiful poem. Thanks for posting it.

Anonymous said...
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Joe Nolan said...

Hey Sarah,

Joe Nolan here.

I wanted to remark about this post specifically when we were talking about your recent blogging at the Crawfish Boil.

I love "Some of all people..."