Thursday, July 09, 2009

Speaking is resurrection

I really enjoyed this. Think you all will too.


Derek said...

You're hurting my head, or sense of providence or the how God is speaking now, or something...a good unsettling.
I started reading 'Everything Is Cinema' on Godard right after I finished 'The Sacredness of Questioning Everything' and read the chapter on 'Vivre sa vie' this afternoon...
This is a fantastic scene. I love the esteem that it gives to their conversation - I find it incredibly moving (especially as the music starts when she asks, 'What do you think about love?').
Thanks for this - I am in shock.
And thanks for posting the drawing - that you posted it also really moves me and blesses me.
bless you, Derek

jdaviddark said...

Yay for serendipity or flow. I'm with you on esteem. Subtle and patient and funnily frank.
So glad you dug it. COntinued blessed weekend.