Thursday, October 08, 2009

Everything Is Broken

This was an extraordinarily good time that I only recently recalled is available as a recording online FOR FREE as people put it sometimes. It's all in the context of John McClure's course last Fall, Popular Music and Religious Identity. It's where Czeslaw Milosz and Jars of Clay and Paul Simon meet. It's me, Sarah, Cary Gibson, Stephen Mason, Charlie Lowell, Brian Ritchey, Katie Herzig, Matthew Perryman Jones, and sweet people a-plenty. A conversation that could've kept going and might yet and probably always is.
Anyhoo, for your edification, it's


Sabio Lantz said...

In this podcast, I loved the theme of "being uncool with each other".
To me this was the deep sharing of uncool people who just happen to be Christian, but it is not essential to them -- but they may not realize that.

Daydreamer said...

I liked this.

I like not feeling bad about my natural need to lament. Not feeling like every song has to be bright and shiny.

The shadow proves the sunshine, and all that. heh heh.

Anonymous said...

Saw Noam Chomsky in the news today and, as my first exposure to the professor was on the olde Masen site, my mind turned toward you, Mr. Dark. Curious and compelled, I sought out the current Dark political landscape online.

Having a look around the blog here, I gather the topography is much the same now as - wow, was it really 10 years ago or so?

There is a part of my imagination where you reign as a champion of open minded rationale... in that spirit I recommend Jay W. Richards'
'Money, Greed and God'. A unique perspective which tends to challenge my church's teaching.

Wasn't sure where to comment, so I just dropped in here... Did check out and enjoy the podcast, by the way...

M. Shinty

Variations On A Theme said...

Cary Gibson's reading broke me. I'm grateful for her helping me have a good (and much needed) cry. It's always in brokenness that I'm reminded how very much I need something/someone beyond me/our understanding of this world. She writes so beautifully.

I also liked the idea of being "uncool" with each other - Sarah has always let me be this with her. I sort-of have to be uncool, as any attempt to be otherwise has repeatedly failed.

I'm finally coming to accept (and embrace!) my "uncoolness," and while - as an English major - I can suspend disbelief like a pro, it's a stretch for me to imagine any of the presenters at the seminar as "uncool."

Maybe that's why well-known artists need close community; they need people who really know them and allow them to be "uncool." We fans just won't let them be anything other than ideal.

LittleBird said...


Ewan sent me over here. wanted me to see the comments posted...

colo(u)r me humbled.
sincere gratitude to Sabio and VonaT for sharing and kind words.

have recently adopted, maybe even invented, a new emoticon:


denoting simultaneous tears and smiling

very close to needing it here...

can't believe that night was a year ago this week... yep, ~)


Hannah Sheehan said...

Hi David and Sarah,

We met briefly at SGRRC's graduation
this year, but it didn't even occur
to me that you were the same David
Dark who wrote Everyday Apocalypse
until I read the Scene article about
Dorothy's new business venture. I'm
compelled to thank you--I read that
book a few years ago and it was
instrumental in ending a year of
self-induced guilt over how much I
loved "secular" music. In addition
to showing me that value and spiritual
edification can be found almost
anywhere, it made me an even bigger
Radiohead fan.

I'm due for another reading of
Everyday Apocalypse, and I will
check out your other work as well.
Thank you for such quality material.
Tell Dorothy to rock on, and I hope
to see all of you at SGRRC 2010!

jdaviddark said...

Glad to hear from you, Sabio and Debs. It appears that Cary's contribution is striking a primary chord in its weblife as it did on that evening (when classmates approached me afterwards to whisper "I want to be HER friend").
Good to hear from you again after all these years, M. Shinty. We do keep at it with our peculiar brand of weirdness. Thanks for tracking us down.
VOAT, the coolness of uncoolness remains our only hope. I'll take this opportunity to remind you that the night you met Sarah you kiddingly and rightfully remarked that she's cooler than I am. This remains the case.
LittleBird, we thank you for the emoticon and for always making everything better.
Hannah, i apologize for taking so long to respond to this incredibly kind posting. I can't tell you how cool and redemptively uncool it makes me feel to know that EA made it into your thinking. Dory returns your "Rock on" greeting in a tired but enthused voice. We're deeply sold on SGRRC round here. Thank YOU for staging such world-improving madness.
A rich (quickly-approaching) December to all.