Monday, January 18, 2010

A Way to be Witnessed

“Christianity is something to do, not a philosophical puzzle. It comes about not when someone affirms a creedal proposition, but when someone does something. It is a way to be witnessed, not a proposition to be proven.”
John D. Caputo, How to Read Kierkegaard


Angela Hart said...


NBooth said...

I've been working through the implications of Christianity being a style of life, rather than just something that's accepted as a proposition. This is very helpful; thanks for posting it.

Ryan said...

Hi Mr. Dark,

This is Ryan Inman. Saw this post. Like it. I'm in my last semester of college as a Philosophy major. We have to do an Independent Study which will result in me writing a paper on a topic. I'm writing about Kierkegaard and his concept of the self, thought I'd let you know so that you could get a kick out of it. :) Also, my word verification thing for this post to happen is "suffer". Just sayin'.

thredd said...

can you be witnessed slowly sometimes? overtime?
and then sometimes maybe very fast?
because i am not very good at being a revolutionary even tho many accuse me of it.thos i never ever was: i was just a fake artist pretending to be human.
i think it is because i am colorblind and often purchase dis-colored clothing which i dont quite fit into.
and the things i say only make sense to people who later confess to me that they are afraid of being parranoid schizofrenics and things. that is when the real work is done: at least where i live.
thank you again.

Ryan said...
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Atar Jacob Kashat said...
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Gordon Hackman said...

I agree that it's not a proposition to be proven, but I find something about the quote a bit off-putting. It comes off with a strong either/or sort of vibe, whereas I think it is a both/and. Being a Christian involves both affirming certain things to be true (such as the contents of the historic creeds) and also living a certain way.

thredd said...

i have a body.
part of it works sort of okay. part of it doesn.t. at all. and i am not even mentioning the soul parts or spirit parts...
even in this state:
even when i am so upset with how my body works:
even then: in the back of my mind: when my body is thinking:
"well: my right hand is good because it is forceful and gets a lot done on paper and remembers a lot and can communicate very well if: oh wait i have to use the part of my brain that can make a list: so others can understand: and work with me: and if we are of one mind: which is truly the kingdom at hand: a gentle and just kingdom: a lot can be accomplished: but wait we all speak different langauges EVEN if we are somewhat in a way : communicating via english. but they are all such beautiful ways to communicate because of how we have come to be and our back grounds. so how dare i say/ back to my body: "i hate you you terrible terrified weakling left crumpled hand which used to compel some towards love and the beauty of a God who is True!" how dare i say it. and how dare i judge my right hand who is so strong and certain who has had to overcompensate for the weaknesss in itself and the places its been, and seen bloodshed for real.
this may seem foolish: but my good friends know it is not. i am a foolish person however. anyone commenting on mlk jr. : it is an art form in and of itself. he had stark scary visions. and he also lived a duplicitous life like all of us. but he certainly did most of what he was called to do: in the face of such a fear a fear serrupticious and age old.. many of us understand this in slivers and many of us live it day to day. but there is no comparison because the venom once it bites is maddening and then it is a responsibility to ely upon God to let Him react not violence or legalism. or and this is the stinger FEAR/lethargy etc.. there is no comparison. one cannot compare to another or despise another. we must all share and move forward. we are family. my condolances if this is stinging anyone: because i understand in my way completely. in fact i am stinging my own self really as usual.
peace to all.
i am really hoping this was coherent