Saturday, March 20, 2010

Re-member Humanity

We have been trying to remember humanity; to re-member humanity in the rigorous liturgical sense--to exercise anamnesis, the heart of the Eucharistic command and privilege: When you do this, remember me. Which is to say, Stay with history, Make something of it, by falling within its main line of action, the breaking of bread, the sharing of wine. Make a community whose life will also be available to history.
--Daniel Berrigan, America Is Hard to Find


mjaneb said...

Ah! Amen!

mjaneb said...

this is a great word that runs through my head as often as I use the word "remember". Likewise, your word on religion being "the only game in town" is remembered even more often... and when it is not spoken about, as it often is, as an option.