Saturday, November 27, 2010

Camus on Morality

If someone told me to write a book on morality, it would have a hundred pages and ninety-nine of them would be blank. On the last page I would write, "I recognize only one duty and that is to love." And as far as everything else is concerned, I say no.
Albert Camus, Notebooks


JT said...

He's such a clever man. Though the book he describes is the kind of novelty you'd find in a Hallmark store, it would probably be more meaningful than ninety-nine percent of the "inspirational" books lining local bookstore shelves.

Cheryl Petersen said...

Simple, but true, love is very powerful.

Larry Shallenberger said...

Wow. Put Camus and Jesus at a corner booth and there's a ton of tension and irony with that quote.

Anonymous said...

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