Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Failures Rise

Probably my favorite Switchfoot song.
Such words.


shane magee said...

ya gotta love a bit of switchfoot. great choice david. thanks for the site here. long time reader, first time... blah blah blah.

grace and peace.

Ferguson said...

This song is totally overlooked in their catalogue. I read an interview with Jon Foreman saying he decided to use the word "yuppie" after he heard Bob Dylan use it in an interview. Good enough reasoning for me.

white snow red said...

I heard rumor from my friend Jeff that you were the one who encouraged Jon Foreman to put out some solo cds. This year many of Jon's ep tracks have been consistently on my mind lips and heart. If you had anything to do with getting him to make those, thank you sir.

and Sarah (if you read this) your part on the on the House of God is one of the shining moments of the whole kit. Thanks to both of you for your words, music, books and lectures. grace and peace.

jdaviddark said...

I shall share this kind word with, Sarah. I thank you.
I've often spoken affirming words unto Jon concerning songs and sounds that, every now and then, seem to end up on the Switchfoot cutting floor, but if something I said helped nudge him toward the EP's, this would be glad news to me. I've often felt that their mainstream-ish successes have often gotten in the way of most people discerning how provocative and against-the-grain so many of their songs are (What would it take for Pitchfork to give one of their records a long, lengthy look?). But I also understand how certain marketing decisions can court a certain vibe.
But yes, this song...this video. SO good. The opening strains of "Lonely Nation" still get me going. I thought _Nothing Is Sound_ could've/should've achieved an Achtung Baby type purpose. If memory serves, "Stars" ended up being the first single and this video (which was conceived and filmed earlier on) got shelved. Oh well.

Variations On A Theme said...

Once upon a time I thought happiness was shallow. I'm so glad those days are over.

Angela Hart said...


I am just coming by your blog and it feels like knocking on the door of an old friend I haven't seen in a while. Love all the uTubes. When I scrolled down to this song I thought, "No wonder we're friends" - I think this may be my favorite Switchfoot song too, no joke. I have it on many of my random iMixes.

Happy IS a yuppy word. See, I'm deep. It's all Shindler's List this Christmas Vacation baby! ;)

jdaviddark said...

I know I keep coming back at you with this sort of thing, but let me suggest again that you've stumbled on an INCREDIBLY GOOD book title: "See, I'm Deep" or "See? I'm Deep"'
hope this finds thee well.
there's party you need to come to at the belcourt at the belcourt on sunday night IF you're in town. a tom wills-envisioned shindig. you around?