Friday, November 14, 2008

You can hear it too, if you're sincere.

It's just right.
I thank Mark Miller for the cue.


mister tumnus said...

it's nice to see him fully clothed, isn't it? we are fans of iggy.

Unknown said...

all of iggy? or just everything but the wrinkly chest parts?

mister tumnus said...

urgh. the very first time i saw iggy pop he was on tv wearing a pair of transparent trousers. which he then took off. fantastic performer other than this tendency. and very interesting in interview!

jdaviddark said...

i don't know why it is, but dude's shirtlessness doesn't bother me so much. part of the deal or something. the man survived.
i feel the grizzly bears are giving him a gift with this one (and vice-versa). a little like the u2/johnny cash interface at the end of zooropa. "the wanderer," they called it.
listen to the music with no fear.

Anonymous said...

Do you believe in Anarchy?
Isn't God the God of order and does not leave things to chance or randomness (if that ever existed!)
I saw a commercial with this guy innit and judging from his A signs, I would deduct that he is.
Is it your business to promote Anarchy?

jdaviddark said...

Welcome, Mr Sch├╝tze.
I wouldn't know how to do that.