Thursday, September 01, 2011

The Inner-View. 5 minutes. One question.

Oh Mom, I wonder when I'll be waking
It's just that there's so much to do and
I'm tired of sleeping
Suzanne Vega, Tired of Sleeping

Suzanne Vega is played often in our house. "Tired of Sleeping" is a particular favorite of IV staff, Dorothy Dark, and on the surface fits her owl-like tendency to "get this party started" when the older staff are ready for "zzzz"s. Surface aside, I was moved to read that the song came from a dream Vega had in which "the kids are playing in pennies" line was actually "the kids are begging for God". Out of the mad jungle mass of music played in our house, "Tired of Sleeping" came to mind today when I found myself interviewed by new friend Maeve. Maeve is a 2 year old Socratic philosopher who has recently moved to Nashville from Chicago, IL. I think there is a connection between the song and her questions. Help me mine it out. Consider yourself interviewed.

Maeve: Are you, you? A grown up?

IV: Yes. Are you going to be a grown up?

Maeve: No. I am going to be a little girl.


Anonymous said...

Sleeping is too much of a concession to linear time conceptions for littles-there seems to be an urgency of now for them-not in paranoia or haste, but revelry. time is a pony ride, as david byrne puts it.

jdaviddark said...

Looking for revelry opportunities today. Haste, I slay thee (been watching Buffy again). Thanks for the mindfulness.

Randy said...

I think my answer must be "Lord, I hope not. But I am resolved to be one day. Not grown but growing."