Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Concerning Bulb

UPDATE! The Bulb show has been outwitted by Tornado warnings. Tune in for a new date dang soon.
To celebrate their twentieth album, Anthony Doling, Randall Lancaster, Todd Greene, and Sarah Masen of Bulb have agreed to host their own tribute show. Upon request, they can probably be persuaded to perform their songs personally, but the idea behind the situation on Friday is to afford others the opportunity to perform songs themselves. And if a lead vocal is all you imagine you can manage, Bulb will back you in every way they can. Does this make sense? I trust it does.
If you need your memory jogged OR you have yet to partake of the pleasures of Bulb, they have seen fit to open the vault. This isn't to say that every Bulb song is on offer, but 79 had been made available the last time I checked. Everyone is seriously welcome. Bulb are not snobs. Some songs have already been claimed, so you might want to check with me if you're determined to be completely original. And if you'd be most comfortable practicing the song with Bulb beforehand, you can drop by the venue on Thursday evening to do so. Should you choose this route, let me know and I'll give you the number of an individual who can let you in.
This is all.
Postscript: Here's a Bulb video.

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