Thursday, February 23, 2012

It Is Happening Again

Where to begin? She isn't doing showcases or seeking out a deal or networking or anything, but she keeps right on making a vineyard of the curse with a framing of a verse. This, we understand, has never stopped. The communal function of song does not cease in the life of Sarah Masen. She shows up and plays when asked, and the latest is a return visit to the Green Wood Coffee House. There's also a Bulb covers show next Friday, but, as perusual, it's so underground that I have nowhere to point you on the Internets. I believe they're up to twenty albums now, and they'll personally back anyone who wants to take a stab at singing one of their songs. I'll be doing so myself. Let me know if you'd like the coordinates.
Oh, and here's an interview with Sarah.


mjaneb said...

that interview is a great conglomeration of sarah-isms. I'm so glad to know Sarah!

Travis Mamone said...

That picture makes me think, "Ground Control to Major . . . Sarah?"

gar said...

How about swinging around the bottom of Lake Michigan and coming up to Kenosha, WI????