Sunday, October 20, 2013

Montreat's Faith and Culture Project

A few more details on this week's Montreat College visit:
It's the 19th Annual Crossroads Faith and Culture Project, and it begins with a 10AM talk ("Weird Religious Background") on Monday morning in the Gaither Chapel. Monday evening at 7:30 is Sarah singing all by her lonesome, though I imagine I'll attempt harmonies on at least one tune ("We See Satan Fall Like Lightning," probably), in Gaither Fellowship Hall. Tuesday night in the same venue is me with more speechifying ("Don't Believe Everything That You Breathe"). And the 10AM on Wednesday, back in the chapel, sees Sarah and myself wrapping it all up to the best of our powers ("Insert Soul Here").
We'll be awfully pleased to see, converse with, and perhaps even touch friends old and new. Anyone within easy driving distance who doesn't make it to any of these is invited to enter into a brief season of alternating shame and loss. But seriously, why wouldn't you make the trek? What are up to with your one precious life? We are a beginning.  

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mjaneb said...

Ooh - wish I were there. Interviewing tomorrow morning. Love that you'll be doing the JDD thang simultaneously. I'll think of your time there tomorrow, and I think it will help normalize me. :) I get wonky about these funny performances. We can do it!
Also, the word I have to type to "Prove {I'm] not a robot" is citicles. Bring the good word up to the citicles and down again.