Friday, October 18, 2013

Our Song and Dance

I have a number of items to bring to your awareness. I take the liberty of including myself in the above photo seeing as I'm personally involved in one of them. For this, we thank Anne McCarthy, our very own Anton Corbijn. Except Better.
To begin, there's the matter of THIS EVENING. Sarah's performing (along with Sandra McCracken, Katy Bowser, Joy Ike, Steve Guthrie, Ruth Naomi Floyd, Bethany Brooks) at Belmont tonight to celebrate the release of It Was Good, a collection of essays on God and music-making authored by Ned Bustard and all kinds of people we hold near and dear. It's completely free, and the details are here.
I also invite you to explore the implications of the fact that Sarah and I are bringing our song and dance to the Asheville area next week. Two and a half days of goodness at Montreat College. No admission fee. We'd love to have you in on the conversation.
AND IN NOVEMBER, Sarah joins Ashley Cleveland, Sherry Cothran, and Cindy Morgan for what they're referring to as GIRL'S NIGHT OUT.
There are more us-related events on the horizon, but for now, I give you Sarah's two-part Image Journal interview. Here and here. We thank Angela Carlson for being awesome as usual.

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Derek said...

That is a great picture. Good to hear that you are both out and about. As always, from a distance, I am grateful to the both of you for all the sharing.